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I saw a maiko...

Myoushinji and Taizo-in.

I celebrated my birthday today by shopping. Book Off is only five minutes away by bike. I foresee this will be dangerous for my wallet, but it's so cheap it's hard to resist. I bought 20 volumes of manga for $15! Ah, what am I going to do when I have to go home?

Yesterday I visited Myoushinji with some friends. If you're too lazy to click the link, it's a very large complex of temples in Hanazono. We visited two of the subtemples, Taizo-in and Daisho-in, but unfortunately my camera's batteries died and I didn't get any pictures of Daisho-in.

My first visit to a temple, how excitingCollapse )

Myoushinji itself is such a monster I couldn't get a satisfactory picture of it, and you can't enter it anyway. Here's my attempt at capturing its enormity.

The thing I have learned about visiting temples? Bring insect repellent. I didn't notice it at the time, but I woke up this morning covered in mosquito bites.

Day 1: 15/09/2008.

I'm afraid of being a very boring travel blogger, but I'll at least try to talk a bit about what I'm doing and learning. Hopefully I'll have some photos of my dorm soon, but let's start from Monday.

Beware of my crappy photographyCollapse )

So far it's much, much hotter than I thought it would be for autumn; I wish I'd brought more summer clothes. And towels. The towels I bought at Daisou, a 100-yen shop, are about the size of a bathmat. And a pillow. The pillows here are roughly equivalent to a bag full of rocks. I ended up buying a seat cushion instead. There's supposed to be a typhoon blowing into Kansai soon, so at least it will cool off, although it'll be windy and rainy.

One last thing I've learned thus far: Junk food is so cheap. It's very tempting. :(
Just a quick note to let everyone know I arrived safely, am feeling well and missing everyone already. ♥

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